Potential Heroes, Definite Mischief

Session 20.5: Prep session

Late fees are 35 cents per item per day

Hey all. So, first things first, congrats on getting into Candlekeep!

But what does that mean now? Well, it means half of you have ten days to learn stuff, which is all well and good, but I don’t want to pull it out of my butt during the session.

So this is you guys helping me help you.

This post is so you guys can talk amongst yourselves to decide what kind of priority you want to put on topics, and what the topics themselves are, to research. And who is going to look up what.

I figure Ran and Nivlac will have their own stuff they’ll want to sort out/privately research.

So! I figure something like the following will work:

  • Ran and Nivlac can send me a message when you guys figure out a list, in priority order, of things you guys want to work out (this will include personal/group research.)
  • How you order it is entirely up to you.
  • You all don’t necessarily have to use Obsidian to do this, but I figured it might be handy.
  • I’ll need a bit of lead in time to make sure I have enough to give you guys for session, so just keep that in mind :).

And that’s it… okay, it was a lot. But now that’s totally it. I figure the next session will go a bit like the training session did, with you guys seeing how you go with how things play out- but I’ll try streamline things as much as possible (which is the whole reason I’m suggesting this.)

So, have fun, y’all.



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