Jilhaly Scatterheart



A 22 year old halfling woman. 3 feet tall and 40 pounds. Small, but proportionate. Short-cut blonde dirty hair and light tan with freckles. Pretty and well-spoken.
Dressed in green tunic and dark green breeches. It looks more like a dress. Tidy attire and worn boots with light scuffmarks.

Carries large tome with a leather strap (now two that criss-cross across her front when worn, thanks to Ranorme trying to take the book via mage hand) with scheduling and appointments for Greenest Keep. General information like market times, bookings and meeting details. Book has shown signs of some of the pages being capable of telescription.


JIlhaly Scatterheart is the steward of Greenest keep.

She uses her tome and knowledge of the goings on in Greenest to keep ahead of any tricks or turns and to keep the town running smoothly.

She has a good relationship with most of the people that occupy the town (especially the merchants, traders, council and military.)

She has taken interest in the party when they entered the town on the night of the Raid. She has offered into looking for more work for the party if they were interested and has been utilising her spare time to work on a portfolio.

A little aloof and sarcastic at first she has warmed up to the party but can’t help herself when it comes to playful or sarcastic banter.

Possibly has deeper ties to the town of Greenest itself.

Jilhaly Scatterheart

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