Governor Tarbaw Nighthill



A human male of roughly 60 years of age.

Long brown hair pulled back from face and down back, neat beard.
Weathered and tanned features.
Strong build with callouses and light scarring on hands and arms.
A little over 6 foot tall.

Blue suit with white trim, like a soldier’s dress uniform. Kept neat and clean. A gold chain of office with Greenest’s emblem is draped over a well-made and tidy cloak.


The last few days have worn heavily on a man who is known already for being a bit rigid and uptight. The Governor of Greenest has seen simpler times.

He is a man of duty and necessary action. He can be shrewd and hints of a military background show when under pressure or intimidated.

After the events of the Raid, Nighthill has come to trust and rely (at first simply out of desperation, but now trusts in their capability) on the party when they have successfully accomplished tasks that would be suicide missions for lesser folk.

He is an incredibly private man and is often cold or distant, but later days have him warming up to people. He has somewhat of a playful relationship with Jilhaly that can look condescending to those not in on the joke.

He has a loving tolerance of Castellan Escobert’s jokes and mannerisms.

Governor Tarbaw Nighthill

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