Castellan Escobert the Red



A 109 year old shield dwarf with knotted, tangled bright red hair with a roughly braided, large beard that goes down to his stomach.
Tanned, with thick arms and well muscled.
4 foot 8 inches tall and barrel chested.
His Guard uniform, namely his (worn and scarred) axe and breastplate, are kept meticulously clean- completely at odds with his otherwise rough appearance. His (blue with white trim) cape and clothing is torn and rough in places.
Carries an enormous iron ring of brass keys for the many locks and doors in the keep.


The Castellan of Greenest Keep and captain of the Guard and young by dwarf standards.

He is friendly, capable and takes a large amount of pride in his station and capabilities.

He is quick to joke and seems to do this mainly at inappropriate moments. He favours terrible puns and relishes in the groans of the people listening with a hearty laugh and grin.

He was injured during the Raid on Greenest and has been recuperating with Nighthill and Markguth taking over his duties.

Castellan Escobert the Red

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