Potential Heroes, Definite Mischief

Session 21: Candlekeep

Doing all the research

After a month long hiatus, due to work and life being crazy, we were back in the game. Sure, people didn’t really remember what was going on but soon enough we were all up to speed and back in the game. Literally.

  • Being admitted to Candlekeep the group all get a bit of a tour of the grounds and Inn. They meet the innkeeper and custodian of the living quarters – Winthrop “Winnie” Jr. Who doesn’t have the greatest sense of humour- tending to joke about the price of services around the keep.
  • The inn itself houses Seekers in one wing, with servant quarters opposite, and guest quarters in another wing. There is also a bathhouse, dining hall, and workshops.
  • Woody and Isk patrol the grounds to see what’s around the place and make notes of places to check out (namely the barracks and stores.) Ran takes a wander, with Detect Magic active, looking to see what’s what- and if he can find any secret passages.
  • Nivlac talks to Winnie for a while and looks about for any characters he can chat to who might be around the dining hall. Being the afternoon it’s a bit quiet but he does find, or hear rather, a woman exclaiming her frustration. She’s human, surrounded in papers and everyone else is giving her a rather wide berth.
  • Talking to her, which is a bit of a task in itself, he discovers that she is running low on time at Candlekeep and is at a dead end in her research – creating earrings which allow telepathic communication. Her name is Cassandra, and she has silver in her hair despite being appearing in her late twenties. He banks this away and leaves her to it when she gets a bit snippy with him.
  • The rest of the group head to the stores, but find them low on supplies – and the quartermaster, a goliath named Bo, assures them they’ll get resupplied in a couple of days. Woody puts in a few requests for items, Ran buys some books and parchment, and the group collectively ask for him to seek out some Bags of Holding, which he guesses he has somewhere. He’ll let them know (this was brought on by Isk stuffing her hand into any and every bag she could find, before she was asked what the hell she was doing.)
  • They find Nivlac smoking his pipe on their way out and he let’s them know about Cassandra- as he did say he could help her out.
  • The group get a meal, with Woody laying out a smoked fish and asking for a plate and side dishes to accompany his fine catch. He’s apparently got 3 more of those stashed away.
  • After eating, they find the woman, Isk buying her a drink, and they manage to get through to her despite her initial standoffish demeanour (perhaps in part of her desperation.) Working together they offer a number of solutions on how to get her patent working and come up with some ideas for an improved prototype.
  • Woody actually gives the woman hope by using his silent speech through the earrings she’d made previously; though he was just trying to mess with her. But his latent abilities are strong and actually managed a minor effect through the item.
  • Isk and Ran manage to put some earrings together quickly; and Woody plays his ocarina – drawing a crowd of curious onlookers. One of which being a strange man, Franzibald (a philosophy), who at least tips the halfling 10 gold for his song. Woody reassures him he’ll be playing there every night.
  • Cassandra offers the group a deal – they can get a copy of the patent to create items for their use only, they are not allowed to sell them, and she will offer them a cut of whatever pairs she manages to sell. The percentage itself was never agreed upon; but Isk and Ran did shake on that deal.
  • Meanwhile, Nivlac has a suuuuuper long bath and is incredibly pruny. But, totally relaxed and ready to go in the morning.

Day 1

  • Isk and Ran finish up the earrings for Cassandra, and they test them- learning that they work. She let’s them know she’ll be leaving that evening, but will leave a copy of the patent for them to work with and her contact details. She thanks them for their assistance.
  • Cassandra also offers the group varying levels of payment for their input, work and consultation/referrals. She’s a little out of pocket, but happy, as she’s only an assistant to an enchanter back in Amn and this could help her massively.
  • The lads, Ran and Nivlac, are introduced to their Avowed study assistants. Becaryn, a gnome woman with an interest in item creation and history, will work with Nivlac, and a 14 year old human boy with genius-level IQ, named Jamie, working with Ran. They get the ins-and-outs of the whole study situation and pretty much get to it.
  • Meanwhile, Isk and Woody visit the stables (and see to Woofford- who goes for a jaunt with them), and then head to barracks. They see what looks to be the end of a large fight, with one man standing amongst 12 prone soldiers. He’s helping them up and thanking them for the sparring session.
  • The man, Xalkash, after some conversation, invites the two of them for a sparring match and Woody takes him up on the offer- which starts with a critical hit, taking the man with surprise.
  • The two trade blows, and Isk gets invited into the fray. Woody giving as good as he’s getting, and managing to weather any strange effects the man is using in the fight. Isk starts with a fog cloud, but things soon go to hell when the cloud is blown away and the man hits them both with some kind of force… Woody, again, stands his ground, but Isk loses her footing- being blasted back 60 ft, out of the arena and likely to crash into the wall.
  • The man leaps towards her, prompting an attack from Woody (who does hit), but hits the wall before her- catching her and cushioning the blow. Apologising for getting a bit carried away (constantly wiping some of the blood from his nose from a few choice whacks from Woody.) They part and he says that he hopes to see them around.
  • Isk, with an idea of making an amulet, wishes to get up one of the towers to see the ocean. She talks to one of the guards, who was smoking and chokes on the stuff when she surprises him, and he allows her up there. The man’s name is Jebediah and shrugs off Isk’s many criticisms about his bad habit.
  • Woody spies some of the ponds, and seeing fish, decides to do some fishing. Totally catch and release. Or so he says.
  • The two then go to see Bo, as Woody has some ideas for a new item (yeah, it’s totally a fishing rod) he adds some more items to his ‘tab’ he’s set up. Isk buys some tobacco, asking what Jebediah smokes (and it’s “cheap shit”), but does get invited to play cards with Bo- who beats her in a hand of poker (two pairs, yo.) Isk is starting to take this string of loses to heart at this point.
  • Time passes and the group meet up for dinner. The lads are cagey about their studies but are excited to get back to it tomorrow. They do talk of their assistants, comparing and contrasting with what they’ve both been offered.

Day 2

  • There are meals, plans, and the boys go off to study.
  • Isk goes back up the tower, seeing Jebediah (late for another watch shift), to work on her amulet again. She gifts him the tobacco, which he’s grateful for.
  • The group all get collectively brought in to the stores when the caravan’s shipment comes in. Hearing dwarven voices, the group look outside to see familiar faces- Big Jon and Little Jon. Little Jon actually having a bit of a beard coming through now. This is their last stop before they head down to Amn to see out the winter in a warmer climate. They also give news (spurred by Woody stating that he’s killed some dragons) that a black, white and a blue dragon have apparently been active up north.
  • The group also tell them to head to Greenest and see the Kegtappers sometime.
  • Heading back to see Bo- Woody gets everything on his tab, and the group are told about a bunch of items that are available. Including Boots of Spider Climbing and two (COUNT ‘EM, TWO) Bags of Holding. They try to do some bargaining for the lot, and offer to play cards for a better deal. Bo, loses his first hand, offering a best of three scenario- Ran takes him up on it, and loses the next two hands. Amused anyway, he offers the lot at a discount. It’s not enough to sell Nivlac on the Boots, but he does manage to charm his way into a ‘free’ decent bottle of wine and the group come out with two Bags of Holding.
  • They are also told NOT to put them inside one another because that just straight up JACKS THINGS UP.
  • The lot got their own ways. The boys bring back some more Works of the Avowed, and news on Isk’s blade. It’s not news she finds very palatable- but it prompts her and Woody to study up on dragons, which they do that night and a bit the next day.
  • The group also meet Becaryn, who chats to Nivlac about their studies and she promises to bring some decent herb along for their next study session.

Day 3.

  • Isk and Woody get some dragon study on, which the boys do their thing.
  • And then they visit the barracks… getting the idea to spar- EACH OTHER.
  • It looks all well and good, until Woody uses his Ring of Spell Storing to cast Bless on himself, prompting Isk to do the same… AND ALL GLOVES ARE OFF. But Isk (with her amulet creation in mind) doesn’t have her combat spells prepared.
  • Still, the training grounds are turned into a warzone of ice, hail, lightning and steel as the two beat the ever-loving shit out of one another… and eventually Isk falls.
  • While unconscious, and they drew quite a crowd during all of this, Xalkash comes to her aid with a healing potion. When she responds with confusion (having been knocked out) he gives her the empty potion bottle and heads off, leaving the two to do their thing. Jebediah also realises he’s late again, running off.
  • The group all meet up again for meals and a chat, and Ran tells Isk he now has the method to create Scripts of Telescription. He gives her a bunch of materials, but not much else apart from that. The group also all talk a bit about getting information on Brendell Zeenk, when Ran says that he did get an accidental confirmation from Jamie that the gnome did indeed pass through maybe a month ago. But, no one else has been forthcoming with information, as avowed and staff are restricted in talking about the dealings of other patrons.
  • With that, the group all get some rest and ready themselves for another day of discovery.

Normally I’d have a lot to say here, but basically I’ll just say this- man it was good to play some D&D again. Also, the duel between Woody and Isk was straight up amusing as a DM, seeing as they kept looking at me initially for guidance when they were meant to be beating the crap out of one another.

I know that I, at least, had a heap of fun watching everyone do their thing.



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