Potential Heroes, Definite Mischief

Session 12: GET DOWN


  • The party rests in the community hall in Stone’s Edge.
  • Isk is woken by Calihye (Ran is already awake) and both are invited to join her for her morning worship.
  • They walk across town to the (somewhat drained) lake and Calihye invites Isk to enter the lake and see the dawn with her. She asks Isk about her faith but Isk does not wish to share anything. Calihye goes back to her contemplations and the two party members return to town.
  • Woodford stealths around the hall, and is met by Calihye and helps her get some breakfast sorted.
  • The group find Ashe and the Kegtappers loading up wagons in order to leave town. And Woodford talks to Brentworth about joining Greenest’s Guard. With some convincing (with Brentworth and his brother) he agrees and they all head off.

Brentworth is looking a fair bit healthier and has cut his hair, but his personality is still a bit… well… his people skills could use a little work. He totally means well though!

  • The group make good time, getting to Longgrass and seeing the Smiths. Their farm’s crops have returned to normal size and the lemon tree that was planted shortly before the party arrived the first time is now wilting and dying. But, seeing Granny Smith meant they could get some lemonade, which she did promise them on the trip in.
  • Before leaving, the group see Kenny and his father (Thomas) and Woodford (off his success in recruiting Brentworth) tries to recruit him. The boy does not initially want to leave the farm, but being offered a decent wage means he can support them monetarily. Woodford persists and the father eventually concedes enough to let Kenny make his own decision, and he eventually agrees to come along.
  • Continuing on, the party gets near to Greenest and Boulder and Ashe detect something nearby. Scouting about (thanks to Ran and Shima) reveals a number of gnolls and a troll. Before they can warn the town, they see three figures down the track and near the town.
  • One lifts a spyglass to check out the incoming caravan and makes their way toward them.


  • On Nivlac’s way to meet them the gnoll’s spring their attack. The new recruits and Kegtappers retreat with their wagons, and Ashe and Boulder join the fray with the party.

Highlights include:

  • New spells being used! Unfortunately Ran’s Maximilian’s Earthen Grasp’s debut didn’t go as planned with the troll escaping its grasp, but Ran did make up for it later with a devastating Green Flame Blade (actually being the killing blow on the beast and halting its regeneration.) He also used Shield AND his lucky feat.
  • Isk using Call Lightning for the first time, and eventually comboing it with Spiritual Weapon.
  • Nivlac using Hunger of Hadar for the first time (causing a lot of confusion at the table just over what the fuck was going on… and even still it’s way more terrifying than we portrayed it.) His levelled Eldritch Blast doing work on a number of gnolls as well.
  • Woodford gaining his Extra Attack ability. Many things were smashed to death, with a couple gnolls nearly being one-shot with his flurry of blows. The troll also took a massive hit to the junk, causing extra damage, and Woody also did a leaping blow to finish off the gnoll leader.

  • With that the party regroup for the first time since they separated at the Snakewood. Nivlac has kept himself busy, working with the Guard at Greenest and recruiting promising talent. Two of which were with him down the road but are currently standing guard. The two are Nina and Mina (Ninette and Minette), who hail from the south, and have currently travelled into town with a merchant they’re not too fond of- for now they are working with the Guard to fill in time.
  • The group head to the Keep to help set the Kegtappers up and to meet with Nighthill. Ashe expressed some discomfort with the notion.
  • The meeting had some highs and lows, with Nighthill not believing Ashe was who the party claimed she was- but eventually coming around, and him telling the party to meet with the council the next day in order to discuss some kind of payment for the work they’ve done.
  • With that he bids them farewell so that he can seemingly talk things over with Ashe.
  • The party meet up with Jilhaly who talks to the party about their recent adventures and catches them up with the goings on in Greenest over the past couple of months. She also mentions pilfering a ring (The Ring of Infinite Charisma) from Brendell Zeenk before he left the town, and a bit of information regarding the now missing dragon eggs that were in the party’s possession.
  • She also mentions meeting a friend of hers who should be arriving in town in a few days if they are interested.
  • The party leave and find that the Kegtappers have been allocated rooms in the Keep while they get accommodation and the like sorted.
  • The group return to Hogan and the Green Rest Inn to get a meal and have a few drinks. During the festivities, Nivlac is gifted Poisandra’s venom and imbibing it causes him to pass out temporarily from its potency… but he also finds the boon of permanent Poison Resistance.
  • Everyone retires soon after and Nivlac has the Ring of Infinite Charisma attune to himself, with the infinity symbol turning 90 degrees… and revealing itself to be an “8.”

Also revealing some rather priceless expressions and exclamations around the table.

  • The cursed ring reduces Nivlac’s legendary charisma to a meagre 8 and refuses to be removed. He first considers cutting off the digit (but a little intervention revealed this to not be a great idea) and he soon finds himself banging on Isk’s door asking for help removing the curse (and the ring.) Isk assures him that she will do it in the morning but doesn’t have the spell currently prepared, and Nivlac gets himself an awful night’s rest.
  • During which he attempts to reach out to his patron.
  • The morning results in Isk removing the curse, and the ring, and keeping it for safekeeping.
  • The group get some breakfast and the session ends there for Woody and Nivlac.

  • Isk and Ran do some shopping and crafting, getting a few things done. Namely some inspired jewelcrafting/sword repair and getting some materials sorted out for Ran’s glasses.

Isk finally gets her sword completed that she looted from Cyanwrath all that time ago

  • They also talk to Chen about some of the things he’s been making from the black dragon they traded him last time and trade him some troll blood for some workable dragon scales and the like.



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